Class of 2014

The Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen Pageant takes place each April and is the 'little sister' program to the Miss Minnesota Pageant. The winner of the MMOT competition will travel to Orlando, Florida, to compete for the title of Miss America's Outstanding Teen.

2014 Royal Court

Congratulations to our 2014 Royal Court! Lizzie Thurlow, 1st Runner Up; Lauren Algyer, Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2014; and Alyssa Crum, 2nd Runner Up

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!



Meet MMOT 2014

Miss Outstanding Teen-2014 Lauren Algyr

Miss Minnesota's Outstanding Teen 2014, Lauren Algyer, is a junior at Prior Lake High School in Prior Lake, MN. In addition to her classes (her favorites are psychology and history), she is also involved in theater, speech, and choir. She hopes to someday achieve a career in federal law enforcement.

When she is not working hard in school, Lauren devotes her time to activities that further prepare her for the bright future ahead of her. She helped draft a bill for the U.S. Congress called the Farley-Kluger Initiative to Amend the FMLA, which will give parents 12 weeks of bereavement leave after the death of their child, rather than the 3 to 5 days currently allowed by law.

Lauren has also been involved in acting and modeling in the Minnesota market and has made appearances in showcase events on the East Coast, West Coast and Chicago.

Lauren's platform is Kids Today, Leaders Tomorrow: The Future of Our Government.

"Every member of Congress, our U.S. Senators and even the President of the United States started out as a teen like the rest of us! These men and women have some of the most important jobs in our society today, making decisions for our country! My goal is to help kids realize that we will someday have a voice in government and will be the ones to run the country. Many kids in school find government and politics boring or stupid; I would know as I was one of those kids. Through my work with the Farley-Kluger Initiative, I have learned that the reality is the political process is incredibly important and can actually be fun! Only half of the eligible 18-to-29-year-olds voted in the last presidential election. Now is the time to take a stand in politics and educate today's youth on government and the legislative process!"

Photo: Sarah Morreim Photography
Hair: Janna-Michelle Sheriff 
Make up: Sarah Elizabeth


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